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Lynkrr is more than a platform; it's a community. We're dedicated to spotlighting the talents of foreign-born women in areas like Cleaning, Hairstyle & Beauty, Childcare, Cooking, and Private Education. Each story is unique, each journey personal. Let's co-create a future where empowerment, inclusivity, and innovation aren't just buzzwords—they're our collective mission.

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Testimonials & Success Stories

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From Syria to Sweden with Skill
Arriving in Sweden with design expertise, Diana found her niche serving Arabic-speaking businesses. With Lynkrr's support, she built a portfolio and a thriving social media presence. Discover her unique touch in Design. 


Diana Hamzeh

Diana Designs

"....I was so lucky to have been able to get this opportunity. I learned a lot about how to scale up my skills and turns them into business. The course enlarged my knowledge about business, marketing and finance.
Thank you to the team of Lynkrr for the professional course content ..."

sherine shahine

Pioneering Cleaning Excellence
From Libya, Nasma, a Lynkrr's fifth foundational batch graduate, has recently launched her cleaning service in Tranås. Undeterred by challenges, her passion and training shine through her exceptional service. Discover her unique touch in cleaning:
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Nasma Abdalla

Nasma Clean

From Sudan To Sweden
As an engineer, Ola transitioned to creating websites for Arabic-speaking businesses in Sweden. Through Lynkrr, she showcased her diverse skills, illustrating how varied professions can find new avenues of success.

Ola Elobeid

موقعك الإلكتروني بالعربي

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