Empowering Self-Employment, Delivering Reliable Services.

Lynkrr enables talented women to launch service businesses while offering a dependable platform for individuals seeking professional services.

Can't Find a Job? Turn Your Skills into Income

With Lynkrr, starting your own service business has never been easier. We provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to build a successful service business.  

Reliable Home Services at Your Fingertips

Finding a skilled and trustworthy professional for your home tasks has never been easier. Simply tap into Lynkrr, compare professionals and hire the best fit for your needs

About Us

Lynkrr is more than a platform – we’re a community focused on empowering individuals and streamlining services. Conceived from the need to support skilled foreign-born women, we’ve built a comprehensive ecosystem. Lynkrr doesn’t just transform skills into self-employment opportunities, but also serves as a reliable conduit between service providers and customers. In a world full of complexities, we’re here to make things easier – for everyone.